Benefits of Bamboo

Exceptionally Soft

Bamboo fibres are naturally soft and very strong. Bamboo does not shed lint and contains natural antifungal properties that are found in the pulp.

100% Bamboo

Trees need a long time to grow, whereas bamboo is the fastest growing plant on this planet. Compared to trees, bamboo grows around 30 times faster, and can also grow in almost any conditions. A bamboo plant produces around 30 times higher oxygen levels when compared against trees in forests and can absorb 35 times higher amounts of carbon. Bamboo is a grass, so unlike trees once it’s cut it regrows and is therefore sustainable

Highly Absorbent

The fibres that make up our bamboo toilet paper are not only super soft, they are highly absorbent too. Compared to tree pulp, Bamboo pulp has higher cellulose levels and longer fibres which can make strong paper without using any chemicals.

Eco Friendly

Bamboo is mostly grown in tropical climate. It is the fastest growing plant in the world, growing requires less water than trees. It grows 10-15 feet tall then it is cut down and dried which is sent out for chipping and pulping. It easily gets broken down in water and decomposed in soil. Causing no global warming or soil erosion.

Bamboo is also able to thrive in soils that are depleted of nutrients, enriching them in the process. Tissue products made from bamboo release approximately 30% fewer greenhouse gasses than those made from virgin wood.

Biodegradable solution

Bamboo toilet papers are proven to be a 100% biodegradable solution for the environment. They break down easily when flushed, are easily processed at treatment plants (as they are readily dissolved in water) and decompose easily in soil in as little as 30 days.

Additionally, there are no unusable by-products that come from the production of the bamboo tissue paper.

FSC Certified

According to, the strongest guarantee that bamboo is sourced sustainably is that it has been certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The FSC not only ensures environmental sustainability, it also promotes the core conventions of the International Labour Organisation, meaning that vital workers’ rights are upheld. 

Bamboo Fresh only uses bamboo from FSC certified sources.

Kind to Skin

Other toilet tissue types may contain BPA and other harsh chemicals and cannot therefore be called skin-friendly products. It is known that people with sensitive skin can suffer major discomfort due to frequent use of recycled tissue papers, but until now there was little option. Bamboo Fresh is BPA and chemical free, it’s naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and is rich in a natural bio-agent which helps to reduce bacteria that thrive on the tissue itself and human skin.