Benefits of Drinking Tea

Benefits of Dinking Tea

  1. Promotes weight loss. According to studies, White, Green and Oolong teas help shed abdominal body fat.
  2. Promotes wellbeing. Tea contains theanine, an amino acid that helps to improve the mood, helps relax the body and mind, and reduces stress.
  3. Improves concentration.
  4. Boosts mental alertness.
  5. Regular drinking inhibits the growth of bacteria causing bad breath.
  6. Drinking 3 cups of green or black tea per day can lower your risk of having a stroke by 21%.
  7. Studies have shown that drinking tea gives protection against various forms of cardiovascular diseases.
  8. Drinking green tea helps to increase exercise endurance.
  9. Tea has less caffeine content than coffee.  Black tea has about a third of the caffeine compare to coffee.
  10. Increases body fluid in the body.