•  Are these toilet rolls bleached?

Answer: Bamboo paper is naturally brownish in colour therefore all bamboo toilet rolls or bamboo paper product that is white in colour are bleached.

  •  Where is your bamboo roll made?

Answer: Our bamboo paper product are made in China. Our product is sourced ethically from well managed forests that is FSC certified only.

  •  Is your Kitchen Towel safe to be used around the Kitchen? 

Answer: Yes, we are proud to say that all our bamboo paper products (toilet rolls and kitchen towels) have passed the Alkylphenols (AP) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tests. This means that our products contain no hazardous chemicals and certified safe to be around or contact with food and beverages, and so to be around in your kitchen. 

  •  How do these compare to WGAC bamboo premium rolls?

Answer: Like WGAC we are 100% bamboo, with a double length roll. Our rolls are actually 10 sheets longer than theirs. We believe our rolls are softer. We are also considerably cheaper than WGAC. We are AP and FDA certified. And we use ZERO plastic for our packaging.

  • Are there any chemicals used in the process? Is this product 100% free of toxins?

Answer: Bamboo Fresh is BPA and chemical free, it’s naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and is rich in a natural bio-agent which helps to reduce bacteria that thrive on the tissue itself and human skin.

  •  Are they safe for baby use?

Answer: Yes, they are gentle to skin and naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, passed the AP test, US FDA certified too.