The European Food Safety Agency is an independent EU agency formed to complete risk assessment of food safety and hygiene. As part of their work, they are evaluating the validity of food health claims based on the scientific evidence available. However, the number of health claims exceeded expectations and as such the evaluation process is taking longer than had been anticipated. Whilst all the health information on this site is referenced to any supporting trial data or is stated to be anecdotal where there is none, we must point out that any reported health claims or inferences do not, as yet, appear on the EFSA register as acceptable claims. The information reported will be revised and edited to reflect the EFSA register as and when claims have been assessed. All information about or implied about the health benefits of tea on this site is taken from scientific published information. No health claims are being made or implied by Agiyo Ltd and/or My Cup of Tea. Where the health benefit described is 'anecdotal' i.e. there are no studies or trials known, this has been stated. We aim to report all facts accurately and in a balanced manner. Should you have any concerns about your health and or the effects of drinking any tea or otherwise, please seek professional advice.